Cloud based church and organization system

An integrated toolbox for your organization

Many organizations use many complicated database systems without always realizing it. With Cornerstone, everything is integrated into one system.

Simple & safe


Cornerstone membership management is scalable and can be used for everything from a small local activity group up to an international organization with millions of records.

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Effective & powerful


Powerful fundraising and crowdfunding solutions supporting one-time and recurring payments through Stripe, as well as a dozens of other international payment methods, banking integrations and accounting system automations.

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Simple & integrated


The platform includes a CMS that integrates with all the modules of Cornerstone. Hundreds of widgets are available to build your next website or intranet with a simple drag and drop.

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Daily users
Funds raised through the system
Financial transactions performed through the system
Email newsletter recipients in a day

9 minutes

Here is a short presentation of the People module. This module is essential to the other modules like Fundraising, Membership etc.

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