Give your ambassadors the tools they need to become your most successful fundraisers

You probably know how many active donors and contacts you have in your database. Imagine that you could reach out to friends, colleagues and family of all of these. With crowdfunding, you can resource and empower your most eager supporters with the tools they need to be your most successful fundraiser. You will access new donors and networks that you would never have reached on your own.

A campaign can be created by a visitor on the website with their own text and image - with personal content that will most effectively engage their family and friends. The key is that the person gets a personal page with their very own URL that can be shared on social media or by email. We often see that such campaigns are associated with a personal birthday celebration, wedding etc.

Crowdfunding with Cornerstone stands out by being fully integrated with our other fundraising technologies. All payment solutions are at the same time available for both traditional project based fundraising as well as crowdfunding. One can then engage all donors who support a cause, regardless of whether they have given directly, or through the local campaign of a friend. This can again lead to the fact that when Anna has given a gift to her brother's "My 40th birthday for Clean Water", Anna can eg be offered a donation commitment for the purpose of clean water at a later date.

You no longer need one system for recurring donors, another system for online donations and a third for crowdfunding. Cornerstone integrates everything - with a common follow-up of donors, reporting tools for the accounting and tax reporting capabilities.


  • is a Norwegian crowdfunding initiative from 4th Musketeer where a sportsman can set his own goal, and fundraise for one of three organizations he chooses. Each organization will have an independent access to the donations made to them with the ability to thank and engage those donors.
  • is a crowdfunding page for the runners of Moscow marathon, fundraising for "Volunteers for orphans"
  • is our oldest crowdfunding project to date, it is the private initiative of Andreas Tangen challenging hundreds to an ice bath on the 1st of January each year for an orphanage in Kenya and raising funds since 2012 with Cornerstone.

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