A unique combination of one-time online gifts, recurring donations and crowdfunding in a single platform

Cornerstone provides a unique combination of one-time gifts, with recurring donations and crowdfunding in a single platform. This allows you to engage your donors with powerful comunication tools based on their giving patterns. There is no more need to export and import givers from one system to the next loosing important information about their donor behaviours. The focus on multi-cultural and multi-lingual solution that is at the heart of Cornerstone has enabled successful international fundraising initiatives located in the USA, Russia, Norway and the Netherlands.

We support both one-time gifts and recurring giving with Stripe, as well as (USA), PayPal, Dibs (NO), PayEx (Scandinavia), Yandex.Money (RU), Yandex.Kassa (RU), iDeal through TargetPay (NL), Nets (NO).

These technologies can be combined to build project-based fundraising pages that can easily be shared on social media or through email.

Key Features

  • Fundraising for both one-time and recurring donations
  • Cause based fundraising with the opportunity to create a project based fundraising platform
  • Simple Import of manual gifts from other payment methods or cash
  • Crowdfunding


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