Membership management

Scalability and simplicity to serve organizations ranging in size from small local activity groups up to huge international non-profit networks

Cornerstone membership management is scalable and can be used for everything from a small local activity group to an international organization with millions of records. Cornerstone allows you to register new members and collect membership fees in a simple way.

Based on our strength and experience as both a local and a centralized membership system (national organizations), Cornerstone has taken some new steps forward. With solutions for syncing members between independent rooms / installations of Cornerstone, we can build solutions that simultaneously work optimally both centrally and locally. Cornerstone's website and intranet technology quickly and efficiently adjusts the visual expression of the system while integrating it into a broader internal communication strategy with intranet capabilities. New members can be registered centrally and locally, and are safely synchronized in a network of local, regional and central organizations. Our mobile app is a powerful tool for locally working for quick registration of new members. For example, a local childrenĀ“s group activity leader can easily register a new child on his smartphone, and the membership fee can be billed centrally from a national administration.

Key functionalities

  • Sending digital or paper based invoices
  • Digital invoices can be automatically sent by email, allowing for a simple payment by card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) through payment method providers such as Stripe or
  • A person can register themselves and pay their fee on a website
  • We support family membership, group discounts, and payment of a membership fee by another person (typically invoicing a parent for the membership of a child)
  • One can attach a role to active membership to allow access to closed sites and resources for paying members. This access is terminated by itself if membership is discontinued.
  • Support for large, distributed organizations with different levels of autonomy - especially well suited for denominations and multi-site mega churches.

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